My favorite competition of all! Love the hospitality of the entire crew, the awards are always fair and everything always runs smoothly! –Brianna Novak, Michigan

On Point has provided my grandchildren with a positive and fun competition experience for the last two years. They have treated our family like their family. They provide the best environment for dancers to grow and for lasting relationships. Too bad I can’t choose 10 stars! –Grandparent, Virginia Beach Nationals, VA

We absolutely LOVE On Point National Dance Competition. It is one of the most professional, well-run, on time and organized events that we have ever attended. We register for On Point each year and we schedule other calendar events around their tour. It is evident that On Point is a dance competition with the well-being and growth of dancers being the focus of their company. They are fair, respectful and strive (and succeed) in offering a top-notch event each and every time. As a busy studio director, I cannot say enough positive and wonderful things about this competition and their organization! Awesome job, On Point!! –Teacher

Wanted to share about the GREAT experience we had this weekend with “On Point Dance Competition”! What a class act this one was. I had heard great things going in and our expectations were FAR exceeded: -We had our schedule 2 weeks ahead of time and were able to upload music. Big plus! -The venue was gorgeous. -We were greeted immediately as we walked through the door by the backstage manager who was directing everyone to the dressing rooms and introducing herself to the studio owners & teachers. First impressions are everything! -You had to check in with her before every routine and she kept the backstage area smooth, friendly, and controlled. Loved that they didn’t let anyone actually behind the stage until 2 routines before so it wasn’t crowded and larger routines had space in the wings. -The owner, I couldn’t say enough good things. She was lovely, present, approachable, talked to the owners & teachers all weekend. She was wonderful on stage as well, very kind to the dancers and speaking specifically about each high score routine. -Judging was extremely fair with a mix of medals that made sense to the routines. -We left with an envelope with our scores, our critiques on a flash drive, and prize money all upfront. Didn’t have to wait days/weeks to receive anything. -The director also approached us to say thank you at the end and was the last face we saw as we exited the facility. One of the best experiences we’ve had as a studio. The whole atmosphere was down to earth, insanely organized, fair, and personal. We will definitely be back every season! –Studio owner

“Hi Lorraine & Christina, First, thank YOU for an awesome weekend of dance. I know we say it all of the time, but your competition is truly our favorite. The organization and professionalism is unlike any other..and we as dance teachers appreciate that more than you know. On top of that, giving awards for being classy, genuinely good kids, tops it off. Our values couldn’t be more alike! Our kids were so proud and loved the entire weekend and the experiences they had. Everyone backstage (Sue is the best!) was so nice and accommodating. You all feel like family to us, and that’s what it’s all about! Thanks again for making our job fun, easy and rewarding. Can’t wait until next year!” –Krystle, Joe and the entire DSD family

“I would like to thank you so much for an amazing weekend. You competition is a breath of fresh air. It was so fair and there was no pressure at all. Very well run and professional. From start to finish it was a wonderful experience. We brought a few new students who have never competed before and it was amazing. You will definitely see us at Nationals. Thank you” –Kristine, One Step Ahead Dance Studio

“You have such a great competition and I love all the extra added things you thought of. The teddy bears to the awesome score sheets!!! Very well thought out. You have made groupies out of us and we will definitely be back next year.”  –Tara MacIver, Starline School of Dance

“add to that the positive encouraging atmosphere…truly a cut above the rest as far as dance competitions go” –Joy Griswold

“Thanks so much for a great weekend! We had a fantastic time. Hope to see you again next year smile :) ”  –Parent, Maryland 

“Thank you for an amazing weekend! You guys are always professional as well as making sure the competition remains on time or early! We love you guys!” –Kelly Colgan, Stage Door Dance Studio

“We had an amazing weekend in Albemarle, NC…no we didn’t win any top awards but that is okay because this little girl with autism shared the message of Autism Awareness and Acceptance…Thank you for giving her the chance to spread her message….the judges comments will only help her improve..so again…thank you for the fantastic weekend and the overwhelming response of encouragement” –Parent, Albemarle, NC 

“Thank you On Point for an amazing day :) ” –Parent, Chelsea, MI 

“Thank you for another AWESOME competition!!! We absolutely adore you guys!! Not only do you run a beautifully executed and ON TIME competition, you treat all of our dancers and parents with love, respect and care. You have a way of making each and every one of our dancers feel special…and that is not always the case at some competitions. We also thoroughly enjoyed all of the other studios we competed with. Thank you to all the other directors who made this weekend so great…it was a pleasure meeting everyone and watching such talented performers! We look forward to our next On Point competition (as always!!) xoxo” –Amy Tomassett DeSimone, Bella Dance Center

“We had such an amazing time in Woodbridge this weekend at On Point Dance Competition. This was our first time there and we really enjoyed it. I am sure we will be back in the future. Thanks for such a great experience!” –Parent, Maryland 

“Parents from my dance studio were saying today – “We loved On Point and you better take the kids there again next year!!” –Chris Collins, Chris Collins Dance Studio

“Hey Christina! I just wanted to first let you know what a GREAT time my studio had ON POINT this past weekend! We absolutely loved your competition and found it to be so much fun and your staff so friendly! You guys are super organized and I was so glad to have met you all. I am so glad Raj sent us your way! We 100 percent will be back next year :) ….Thanks! We look forward to talking with ya soon!” –Kim McGee, Studio 1 Dance

“Thank YOU for running one of the most friendly & professional competitions. We love you guys!!! Hope to see u in a few months…beach front 😉 ” –Natalie Ross, Natalie’s Dance Co.

“Lorraine & Christina I was away last week and am just getting back to my personal stuff after catching up with work and studio stuff ..I just wanted to send you a quick email – thank you – for a great competition weekend … Your competition is definitely one of the better ones I have attended in my 15+ years of competitive dance.  Everything was run so professionally and on time! I know the dancers and moms all appreciate how great the weekend was and I heard they did well on Sunday.  I’m sorry I missed it. As soon as you have your schedule for next year, please let us know so we can schedule our regional.” –Donna Setlock, Prestige Academy of Dance

“Thanks again, Thank you for a fabulous weekend ! You run a great competiton – organized, positive, stress free and professional – our dancers and parents were thrilled. Looking forward to next year!” –Rosanne and Colleen, Infinite Motion PAA

“We Love You, thank you for a fabulous weekend” –Michelle Wright, Vision Dance Center

“Hi Lorraine and Christina, thanks so much for such an enjoyable week-end! you two are the best directors we have ever worked with. I am so sorry for all the confusion on our entries., but with Austin and his church conflicts, i wanted to make sure he could perform if it was at all possible.  As you saw, he is quite the dancer, and as is told you he lives and breathes this. We are going to for sure make it a yearly trip to [P]ittsburgh from now on., and we are considering nationals this year too. We have never done a national competition, but On Point would be the one we would pick for our first try.  thanks so much again.” –Jill and Lena, Jills Danceshop

“Hi – Just wanted to thank you for a great weekend. We had a great time at your competition, I personally feel the competition was judged fairly and honest. That is what competitions to me are all about. I haven’t felt this way my entire two seasons of owning a studio. I am glad to know that your competition exist and is extremely well ran, organized, fair, and most importantly professional. Thank you for allowing us to add our numbers as well, the girls really appreciated it as did I. Good luck to your season, we are looking forward to coming back next year! Maybe we will see you guys at nationals! Thank you again for everything.” –Alexis Rae DeSabatine, DeStella Dance Centre

“First I wanted to say my daughter has been blessed to be able to dance for such an amazing competition like yours for the past few years. Your competition has been and probably will always be her favorite, it truly holds a special place in her heart that we will cherish for years…. Thank you so much for everything, you are amazing. Much love,”  –Parent, Pittsburgh, PA

“Lorraine and Christina, We would like to take a moment and thank you for having us this past weekend! Our dancers and parents really enjoyed your competition.  You all went out of your way to make us feel welcome.  The pictures backstage the parents really enjoyed and we know our kids loved the bears :)  We felt the judging was very fair and the pace of awards was refreshing. We hope to see you next season!”   –Amanda, Meagan and Nikki, The Movement Mill 

“I also wanted to tell you all my parents and teachers loved your competition!  We will definitely come back if you are back in Massachusetts or Rhode Island next season!!! Awesome job and thank you so much for an a may stress for fun day!!!” –Nicole Turcotte, Dance Productions

“We love starting and ending our competition season with On Point. You ladies are amazing and we are so happy for your growth. The studio owners groups only have great things to say about On Point! Hugs”– Kellie & Amber , Making Moves Dance Collective

“You are so sweet!  I am no where near choreographer of the year, but thank you so much :) Thanks to both of you for such a great weekend!  You keep it fun for the kids & it is a nice refreshing breath of fresh air during this stressful competition season.  Thank you for that!!! At a lot of competitions the staff is so rude, etc. so I applaud you for having such a great program!” –Tammy, Studio 4 the Arts 

“Ok thanks for the information.  We loved your competition and we look forward to next year :) You all did a wonderful job and very very nice all the way around.” –Parent

“Thank YOU, Lorraine and Christina, for a very well-organized, professional competition.  All of my students and parents thoroughly enjoyed their experience, and this is what it is all about! It was also a pleasure to meet you and talk with you. I look forward to bringing my students to your competition again next year!!” –Daphne Kendall, Ballet Arts Academy

“Words cannot express how grateful we are for this weekend. This was one of the best competitions we have been to. We adore you guys and I wanted to let you know that every single person on staff this weekend was incredible! Each staff member was so patient, friendly and professional. We could not be happier, thank you for these treasured memories with my dancers!!” –Michelle Wright, Vision Dance Center

“Hello.  Thank you so much for choosing my daughters studio picture for your advertisement of your 2014 tour dates, celebrating your 5th Anniversary.  We love coming to On Point to share our passion and love for the art of dance…..,”  –Parent, Ultimate Dance Complex, Pittsburgh, Pa.

“Thank you so much for such an OUTSTANDING year! We had SO much fun at both of your competitions, and the girls are already making plans for the next On Point! We just love you guys so much; you make us feel so welcome and happy. We are so very lucky that you reached out to us last year and invited us to compete with you. What a blessing, really! Sarah is still VERY pregnant and soon her baby will have to start paying rent! We can’t believe how long she has stayed in there! We will most definitely be sending you pictures of her when she gets here! (Her car seat has an On Point bear in it. I’ll post the picture on facebook!) We can’t wait to see you again! You are the highlight of our year! Thank you again for everything. You all are just amazing people. Thank you!”  –Camille, Shining Stars School of Performing Arts

“Thank you!  We had an excellent time.  The atmosphere was positive, the other studios were fabulous, and my dancers left feeling great about themselves.  It was a great way to end our competition season…..On another note, the teddy bears were an excellent surprise for my dancers, the trophies are beautiful, and I felt the packaging of your award results was very professional. Again, thanks for a great experience.  We will be back next year!” –Crystal Carfagno, Showcase Dance Studio

“Lorraine and Christina, We should be thanking you!!!! You continue to provide the BEST competition experience for the dancers, their parents, and their teachers! You are prompt, professional and above all, we get the feeling that you VALUE our students (more than the profit) and want to see them achieve. Your staff is fabulous and fun and make us all feel like family. Kudos on another amazing year. Can’t wait to see you guys again next season!”
Windy Queen, HeartBeats Music and Dance

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for acknowledging my daughters birthday yesterday at the competition in Woodbridge. This is only her second competition and being that it fell on her birthday was a little hard to accept at first. You guys helped make her day so special and I am sure memorable for a long time. She has definitely fell in love with competition dance this year. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!” –Parent, Woodbridge, VA 

“We have been to A LOT of competitions and you guys have been one of the best!  Unfortunately we are a theater too and our schedule insists on competing in May.  Provided you guys are in MI in May, you will certainly see us back. Fantastic staff.  I can’t tell you how nice it is that everyone is so personable and truly friendly.  Heck, saying goodbye to Shane was like saying goodbye to my new BFF!  For as new as your competition is, I have to say, you all have it figured out.  Keep up the good work and we sure hope to see you all next year! Enjoy the rest of your Season!!” –Marci Pocklington and the MST gang!, Monroe Street Theater

“Hello Lorraine & Christina,Thank you both so much for an amazing weekend at On Point. Our dancers can’t stop talking about it! We all really enjoyed the competition. Count UDC in for next year! We can’t wait :-)…”  –Brianna Lewis, Ultimate Dance Complex

“Hey ladies, Imagine my surprise when I got my mail yesterday and we had a $100 check from you all.  Thank you so much!  :).  I was just wondering, what that was for. Also, so you know, the young lady from Eleanor Pernia studio who takes Hip Hop with us did deliver our Entertainment Award.  Everyone was so excited to see that, so thank you. Finally, just know we adore you guys.  It was awesome to be able to tune in and watch the Live Stream of the late awards since we weren’t there.  I was in my house screaming like a lunatic when we got a Dynamic for Men In Black and one for Tightrope as well.  LOL!  You would have thought I was still in the auditorium :).  I can’t remember from last year, with the dynamic awards is there a certificate or something that goes with that or is it just verbally announced? Thank you for your time and we’re looking forward to bringing a boat load of dances to Woodbridge in May!  Sherelle will be attending that one for sure! Have  a great week!” –Kellie, Making Moves Dance Collective

“My studio has not stop talking about you and your whole team.  They  have already asked if I knew the dates for next year!  The parents loved that other loved ones can watch their dancers dance via facebook.  The dancers of course love the bears!  Love the three levels of competition!!! And I thank you from the  bottom of my heart!  I will be sending you pictures and such later this week! Thank you for make our last competition great!” –Lindsey Kalivoda-Hartley, Kalivoda Dance Center

“We want to thank you for such a FANTASTIC time! We all had such a blast! It was really so much fun. The other teams were great; really supportive and friendly, and it was really awesome to see everyone working together to have the best time they possibly could. You all are our FAVORITE competition, and we will definitely keep competing with you FAR into the future! You are all so welcoming and happy. Just so much fun. We can’t wait for Woodbridge!! *Kate says hi Thank you again for a fantastic time, and we’ll see you in May!!”                            –Camille Abramson, Shining Stars School of Performing Arts

“Thank you for a very meaningful competition , we will never forget. You send a wonderful message to everyone..” –Johnna DeGrasse, Director/Owner, DeGrasse Dance Studio

“Hey ladies :), I just wanted to reach out to you all again and let you know how much everyone at our studio enjoyed your competition. On Point is one of the most well organized competitions we have ever been apart of. I love the fact that the entire On Point staff is so personable. If I had questions, I was completely comfortable asking them and I know for a fact Sherelle and Amber felt the same way. On Point is definitely going to be on our annual competition list. Sorry ladies, you can’t get rid of us now. lol :). Seriously though, it was after On Point in Towson that I felt like a fire was lit under us. We have always believed in ourselves, but dealing with you all and feeling the love and belief from you propelled us to a new level and we are forever grateful for that. I pray you have a blessed off season and I’m looking forward to 2012/2013. With love,” – Kellie Sellers-Crisp, Co-owner/Director, Making Moves Dance Collective

“Well on behalf of Making Moves Dance Collective we thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate in your dance competition. We really enjoyed ourselves as well as the other studios, and staff their. Everyone was so kind and supportive it really made us feel welcomed and we can not wait until the Woodbridge competition. We are so excited! Fun dad on deck, (I think he is more excited then the dancers! Lol). Thanks again and see you in Woodbridge.” –Sherelle Morgan, Performance Coordinator, Making Moves Dance Collective

“First, I’d like to thank you for a great experience this past weekend.  The dancers had such a great time.  The parents were happy, too. Your event was organized, on time and all of your representatives were so kind and helpful. I must compliment you on your awards too.  You made it fun and special for the kids.  You also spoke clearly so everyone could hear the information.  You gave attention to the performers and recognized them without overkill.  You also recognized the studios and teachers without going on and on.  Great job all around. I haven’t listened to the notes yet.  But, I’ll let you know. I hope our schedules will coordinate and we’ll be able to attend next year as well.  Please send me your 2013 schedule as soon as you have it…Thanks again,” –Michele Sandler, Michele’s Dance Studio

“Hi Lorraine & Christina, Wanted to drop you a line and let you know we had a really great time on Saturday.  You will see us again next year. And maybe even Nationals!!!  If we did not already have our reservations and everything set up for Nationals we might have joined you at Virginia Beach!! You are doing a great job for being so new, my parents were very impressed. The teddy bears were a very nice surprise!! …..Keep up the good work and you will grow, I for one will encourage other studio’s to come to your competition.  Thanks again…..”  –Bridget, Ms. Bridget’s School of Dance

“Just wanted to thank you for a great comp. yesterday in Walled Lake, MI. We have only been in comp. for 2 years, but yours was one of the nicer ones. Also the bears were a very nice touch, I know all the kids appreciated them……”  –Parent, Ms. Bridget’s School of Dance

“Hello, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful competition you brought to Walled Lake, Michigan. As a parent of a dancer, I was very impressed with your unique competition. My daughter has competed for 10 years and I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed myself at a competition more than at ”on Point” . The staff was refreshingly friendly and helpful. As a parent, I liked the break for lunch since most competitions don’t give anyone time to relax for a few minutes. Another feature I enjoyed was the judges personally giving their special awards. The students (even the seniors) loved their teddy bears. It would appear that the ”warm fuzzies” didn’t end with the bears since there were so many positive comments from parents and dancers. I could go on and on about what a great experience your competition was for dancers and parents as well. Feel free to contact me if you would like more detail. Thank you so much for coming to Michigan. I hope it will become a yearly stop for you.  Thank you,” –Parent, Macomb, MI

“Hello Lorraine, Christina, and the On Point Staff,  Congratulations on a successful 2011 kick off.  This too,  was our first competition of the season and we are off to a great start. We have had an opportunity to listen to the judges’ critiques and I must say their insight has been extremely helpful.  This information is very important for my students,  staff and myself, as we all feel it is what helps us all evolve as teachers and dancers. The panel offered a clear balance between suggestions, encouragement and corrections and they were extremely professional in their delivery. Our number 1 suggestion is; Mr. Mike or his clone must be part of every award ceremony. The verdict was unanimous…. the last award ceremony was the best one because Mr Mike made it “so fun”. Lol Once again thank you to both of you and your staff for your attentiveness to our needs and for hosting a great competition. Good luck as the season unfolds!  And best wishes at nationals!!   We look forward to seeing you again!  Regards(.)” – Maria Quezada and Staff, Dance on Q Performing Art Center

“Thank You! We all had such at great time at this competition! We hope to be back again next season!”  –Parent, Woodbridge, VA

“What an amazing experience last night in Woodbridge, Virgina. You should all be proud! Over the years my daughter has attended many competitions, but even she admitted she loved this one and wishes she had been able to attend more like yours. The awards are fun, the Teddy bears are great, and the staff was fabulous! Most competition are all about the money, giving dinky little plaques or medals, but you make it all the the dancers. Nice trophies, plaques and a fun time! Thank you for such wonderful memories….Thank you again for such a great day! Looking forward to next year.” –Parent, Fairfax, VA

“Lorraine and Christina,  Our studio competed in four competitions this season.  Three of the four are competitions that have been in business for some time.  I wanted you to know, I, my dancers, their parents and my teachers really enjoyed your competition.  It was very well organized prior to competition date and ran very smoothly at the actual competition.  Some of my little ones are still carrying around their bears!  You went out of your way to make it special, and we thank you for that.  We appreciate your hard work and look forward to seeing you again next year.”   – Rebecca Owen, All That & Jazz!